Drive in the New Dodge Grand Caravan with Efficiency and Style

When you are buying a new car, are you looking for fuel efficiency or power? What if you could get both by buying the same car? Taking a test drive in the popular new Dodge Grand Caravan will put you behind the wheel of the most spacious, clean, and powerful minivan in its class.

With a maximum towing capacity of 2,000 pounds, and ranging from 17-25 mpg fuel economy, the 283 hp Dodge Grand Caravan gives you cool features like automatic towing stability, and electronic traction control to keep you feeling safe on the road at all times. The easily pressed "ECON" button adjusts the timing and other aspects of the engine in order to enhance fuel economy and keep money in your pocket.

The only way to find out for yourself if the new Dodge Grand Caravan is for you is to test drive one yourself! We think you will find that American quality and comfort is the way to go.

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